UPDATE 2022.06.30
Update Notes (06/30)

Greetings, Admiral.


Here are the details of the 1.0.40 update on 6/30.
Please see below for more details.


※ All images are from test servers.


■ Credit Lucky Box Package
 - The new Credit Lucky Box Package is now available, where you can obtain a large number of Credits.
 ※ This package will be for sale for a week, starting from after the 6/30 maintenance.



■ Wallet Link Rewards
 - Wallet Link Rewards have been added.
 - The rewards can be collected from the top right menu > NFT/FT > Wallet Link tab.
 ※ Users who already linked their wallets can still collect the rewards.



■ Improvements to Advertisement - Event Center
 - The Event Center in the Advertisement menu now shows the event names instead of their details.



■ Improvements to Module Upgrade Display
 - The previous upgrade requirements will not show up in the middle of a module upgrade.



■ Improvements to Transmit Ticket Location

 - The Tickets at the top right corner are now displayed in the order of Normal Transmit - Premium Transmit to match the order at the bottom.



■ Improvements and Changes
 - Improvements to how the chat preview window gets displayed
 - Fixed the issue where the red dot of the Event button in the top right menu did not disappear.
 - Fixed the issue where identical warship type icons were displayed in the Factory's production screen.
 - Other minor bug fixes and server stabilization


Thank you.