NOTICE 2022.12.20
12/28 Sector Merge Notice (Sector 7, 8)

Greetings, Admiral.


Merge of Sector 7 and Sector 8 will be done on Wednesday, December 28th, 2022.

Please refer to the important details and disclaimers regarding the integration below.


※ Only Sector 7 and Sector 8 will be merged.
※ The schedule and details related to the integration are subject to change.
※ Any changes will be announced through additional announcements.
※ Compensation due to the integration process will be announced separately at a later date.


■ Expected Integration Date
- 28/12/2022 (Wednesday)
* Detailed schedule will be informed additionally.


■ Target Sector for Integration
 - Sectors 7, 8 → Sector 7


■ Integration Guidelines
1) User Information
  - The current sector number will be displayed at the end of nicknames.


2) User Base
  - Bases will be randomly relocated.
  - You must reconnect to the game after the integration for the base to show up on the field.
  ※ Make sure to reconnect after the integration.

  - Base Buffs activated before the integration will be kept active.
  - Shields active before the integration will be deactivated.


3) Sector Archive
 - The Sector Archive will match whichever Galaxy has more Archive items open.
  ex) Between Sectors A and B, if Sector B has more Archive items open, then the open items in the integrated Sector Archive will match Sector B
 - If you have already received the rewards from your previous Sector, you will not be able to receive additional rewards.


4) Council 
 - The number of Sector Noble Coins will be reset to 0 (Admiral Noble Coins will stay the same)
 - When merged, Council Conquest and Planet Takeover will be scheduled to progress.
 - All records of Chancellor in Hall of Fame will be reset.
 - All Council information will be reset (Council position, Sector Noble Coins, etc.)
 - The first Council Conquest will take place according to the following schedule.
 ㄴ Council Conquest Event Start : Friday, January 6th, 2023 16:00 (UTC)
 ㄴ Council Conquest Start : Saturday, January 7th, 2023 04:00 (UTC)


5) Ranking
 - The ranking information will be calculated by the stats in the integrated sector with the existing data in the previous Sectors.
 - The ranking information for each category will only be updated after you engage in the corresponding action.
 ※ Ranking: Admiral Power Lv., Alliance Victory, Admiral Power Lv., Admiral Victory, Command Center Lv., Admiral Lv.


6) Alliance
 - All current alliances will remain as is.
 - The Alliance's existing sector number will be displayed at the end of their names.
 - The Alliance abbreviation will be changed randomly.
 - Battle Logs in Alliance Status will be reset.
 - Occupied Planets and Planet Buffs will be reset.
 - All constructed Alliance modules will be retrieved.
 ※ When the alliance modules are retrieved, the resources stored in the alliance depot will be reset.
     Make sure to collect your stored resources before the integration.

7) Event Schedule
 - All ongoing events will be reset.
 ※ Events in progress at the Reward Center will not end.
    (Warship Carrier Event, Check-in Rewards, Welcome Gift, Friend Invitation, Admiral Quest)


8) Mail
 - All mail and chat history will be reset.
 - All rewards in your mail will also be deleted.
 ※ Messages in the "Notice" tab in your Mailbox will be maintained, including its rewards.


9) Field Activities
 - All activities on the field (mining resources, etc.) before the Sector integration will be retrieved.


10) Module Activities
 - All module activities (module upgrades, research, etc.) before the Sector integration will be maintained.


■ Notes
 - Mail rewards and event rewards will be deleted even if you do not receive/exchange them.
   Please receive all your rewards before the integration maintenance.
 - Unreceived rewards cannot be recovered/redistributed.

 - Please contact our in-game customer center for inquiries/issues regarding the integration.
 ※ How to reach us: Admiral Profile > Options > Contact Us.


Thank you.