NOTICE 2023.01.09
1/9 Update Notice

Greetings, Admiral.


Additional update will be made to provide more reliable service.


Although this patch will be applied without seperate maintenance,

please update to the latest version for a pleasant use of the game.


Please check below for more details.


■ Schedule
 - 1/9 02:25 AM (UTC)


■ Update Version
 - 1.0.58


■ Content
 1) Alliance
  - Fixed the issue that the remaining time of the last checked 'currently in progress' vote of the Poll that has ended is exposed.
  - Fixed the issue that the initial UI is breifly visible when Alliance Module info pop-up is shown.
  - Modified the status pop-up window to close when Alliance Module construction is completed.
  - Fixed the issue that some calculation formula of Alliance Repair Station repair time is incorrect.
  - Fixed the issue that the close button of a pop-up, shown after clicking + button, is not shown immediately when the Alliance Repair Station Honor Points is not enough.
  - Fixed the issue that upper tab of Member Gift menu is not exposed when entering for the first time after accessing the game.
  - Fixed the issue that joing Alliance is not possible even though the conditions for joing the Alliance have been met.
  - Fixed the issue that maximum Warship error pops up due to the Planet Chain Buff  when leaving the Alliance.


 2) Event 
  - Fixed the issue that the [Attendance] button is active despite the inabilty of receiving 'WELCOME TO ROS!' reward.
  - Fixed the issus that "TAB By Week" button on the top of  'WELCOME TO ROS!' event page goes off.


 3) Fleet Deployment
  - Modified area touch to be applied instead of Capain touch when selecting Captains.
  - Modified so the Vice captain selection UI will not be obscured by the Main captain image.
 4) Others

  - Fixed the issue that the [Expired] buttons is active even though the mail with attached items has Expired.


You can play the game normally without updating.

However, we recommend you to proceed the update for more pleasant environment.


Thank you.