NOTICE 2023.06.01
Update to increase NFT value (Warship Carrier dispatch)


Greetings, Admiral.


As an exclusive NFT of ROS, Warship Carrier itself holds intrinsic value.
However, to broaden the use of NFT and increase its value,
We have prepared a new content update named [Warship Carrier dispatch].


[Warship Carrier dispatch] is a content where you can obtain items such as
Silther Particle, Silther Check, and others through dispatching a Warship Carrier you own.


Up to 10 Warship Carriers can be dispatched at once and used Warship Carriers will not be locked up.

Therefore, in-game field activities (battle, mining, etc) can be made freely.


Rewards with higher value can be obtained depending on the grade of the dispatched Warship Carrier.
Also, additional rewards will be given when the Warship Carrier meets the required conditions.
Through this, we expect the value of Warship Carriers to increase.


Details for [Warship Carrier dispatch] can be checked through the [Patch Note].


We prepared this update expecting a synergy in various ways,
and hope many Admirals will enjoy it.


Furthermore, we are also thriving to increase the value of Silthereum.


Firstly, we have made an update for the use of Silthereum in Sloco Casino.
We plan to gradually expand the use of Silthereum
to increase its value and activate a sustainable token economy.


We kindly ask for Admiral's continued interest and support. 


Thank you.