NOTICE 2024.01.30
FT/NFT and Staking Announcement

Greetings, Admiral.


We would like to inform you of the process to handle Silthereum (FT), Warship Carrier (NFT), and staking.

Please refer to detailed schedule and information below to avoid any inconvenience.



※ The closure schedule of Staking Season 2 has been adjusted (3/8 02:00 (UTC) → 3/9 02:00(UTC))



■ Silthereum (FT) / Warship Carrier (NFT)


Prior to the service closure, all in-game blockchain features will be blocked.

Therefore, ‘Asset Management Period’ will be provided for you to manage any FT/NFT assets you currently hold.

Please note that failure to check the notice or take necessary actions may result in disadvantages,

and it is difficult to recover your assets or take other measures in response.


1. Asset Management Period

 - January 24, 2024 (Tuesday) 02:00 (UTC) ~ before the maintenance on February 20, 2024 (Tuesday)


1) Main Features to be Blocked (will be blocked after 2/20 maintenance)


① Trade Center

 - Invest > Silther Particle investment and settlement result checking feature will be blocked.

 - Exchange > Binding Silther Check and decomposing Silthereum will be blocked.

 ※ As investments are settled the next day, rewards for investments made just before the block may not be provided.

 We recommend using the investment feature only until February 18, 2024.


② Warship Carrier Lab

 - Warship Carrier > Settings > NFT conversion feature will be blocked.

 - Warship Carrier > Settings > Market registration/unregistration feature will be blocked.


③ Mail

 - Claiming unclaimed Silthereum will be blocked.

 ※ After the feature is blocked, unclaimed Silthereum cannot be claimed. Please make sure to claim it within the given period.


④ Event

 - Silthereum provided as event rewards will be suspended (Planet Takeover, Council Conquest)


 ※ All FT and NFT features, including those undescribed above will be blocked.

 Please make sure to manage your FT/NFT assets within the asset management period to avoid any inconvenience.


2) Cautions

 - Silthereum (FT) can be exchanged or traded to other tokens even after the asset management period

 through external services such as DEX.

 - As you will be unable to use your Silther Particle / Check / Piece after the asset management period,

please make sure to transfer them to your WALLET within the asset management period by combining them into Silthereum.

 - Warship Carriers remaining within the game that are not registered on the market  within the asset management period will be deleted upon the service closure.

Please make sure to register your Warship Carriers on the market within the asset management period.

 - Registered NFT Warship Carriers will maintain their sale status even after the service closure,

and you can also purchase Warship Carriers that are listed on the market.

However, purchased Warship Carriers cannot be moved to or used within the game.

 - Please note that Silthereum and Warship Carriers that were untransferred / unregistered within the asset management period cannot be recovered.

Please make sure to complete the necessary arrangements within the asset management period.



2. Blockchain Feature Block


After the maintenance for blocking blockchain features, all in-game features related to Silthereum (FT)

and Warship Carrier (NFT) will be blocked.


1) Blockchain Feature Block Date

 - February 20, 2024 (Tuesday) maintenance

※ We will provide detailed maintenance schedule and contents through a separate announcement.


2) Cautions

 - Use of any features related to blockchain is unavailable after the block.

 - Please note that we cannot provide any assistance regarding Silthereum and Warship Carriers that were untransferred / unregistered within the asset management period. Please make sure to complete the necessary arrangements, such as transferring your assets to WALLET, within the asset management period.



■ Staking


Season 2 staking feature will still be available even after the service closure on February 29, 2024 (Thursday) 02:00 (UTC).

However, no additional seasons will be held after the end of Season 2, and only unstaking (withdrawal) will be available.


1) Staking Season 2 End Date

 - March 8, 2024 (Friday) 02:00 (UTC) March 9, 2024 (SAT) 02:00 (UTC) 


2) Unstaking (withdrawal) Period

 - Available until February 26, 2027 (Friday) 02:00 (UTC)


[Shortcut to Staking page]


※ Only unstaking (withdrawal) will be available after the end of Season 2.

※ The staking page will be closed when the unstaking period ends.

※ Silthereum that has not been unstaked within the unstaking period will be deleted. Please note that we cannot provide any assistance such as recovering your assets.

Please make sure to unstake (withdraw) your Silthereum within the unstaking period to avoid any inconvenience.


Thank you.