[Game Details] What are the types of Warship Carriers?

There are 4 types of Warship Carriers that you can obtain:
 - Damage Type
 - Defense Type
 - Mining Type
 - Speed Type

 A Warship Carrier's type is determined by the dominant type of existing Cyrocore, which may change to another type during the process of combination.

[Game Details] How do I obtain a Warship Carrier?

Warship Carriers can be made at the Warship Carrier Lab with Silther Particles.
The Warship Carrier Lab will be available for construction once your Command Center reaches level 6.
 To build a Warship Carrier, follow these steps:
 1. From the Lobby, go to your Warship Carrier Lab.
 2. Click the "Warship" button on the left.
 3. Click the slot labeled "Tap the slot to build Warship Carrier"
 4. Click the "Production" button.

In addition, after you acheive Command Center Lv. 3, you can acquire free  a Warship by participating in the Warship acquisition event at Lobby > Reward Center.

Another way to acquire a Warship is to purcahse the Warships of other Commanders on the Wemix NFt Market.
Warship aquired from the event is temporary.

[Game Details] What are Warship Carriers?

Warship Carriers are the NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) of Rise of Stars.
Warship Carriers are used to mine Silther Particles from planets within your sector.

[Game Details] What is Silthereum?

Siltherium is the FT (Fungible Token) for Rise of Stars.
At Lobby > Trade Center, Silther Check can be binded into Silthereum,
and can also obtain Silther Check from decomposing Silthereum.

Silther Check can be obtained by investing Silther Particle or exchanging Silther Check Piece.

[Game Details] What is a Silther Particle?

Silther Particle is a dark matter materialized by an unknown force and is the rarest mineral in the universe.
 It is mainly used for manufacturing and maintaining Warship Carriers.
 Also, it is used for upgrading buildings and research, producing high-tier Warships, and exchanging with Silthereum.
Silther Particle can be obtained through mining with Warships, purchasing with credit or Silther Check, and various rewards.

[General] How can I report another player?

If you wish to report another player, follow these steps:
 1. Open the "Admiral Info" page of the player you wish to report.
 2. Click on the "Report" button and fill out the report form.
 3. Click the "Confirm" button.

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